Senin, 29 November 2010



Photograph of the left side of the Building

Does not feel in November 2010 was even 18 years I worked at Bank Indonesia, this work is my love, my love with her work, I like the environment and I am very happy with the building.
7 years I worked in Human Resources, and the rest is already 11 years old I became Secretary.
Fun job, met a lot of new people and establishing a professional work relationship.
Okay now I'll share a little about my office building which includes the Old Building protected authenticity.

As a National asset Bank Indonesia is duty bound to preserve this architectural heritage for which is fully responsible for its maintenace , preservation and use, and to share this national heritage with the public.

front entrance of the building

the step on the main entrance to the building with decorative balls shaped on ornaments made of andesit stones ispired by Victorian style. The Ornamen on the bottom of the pilars of the front entrance are Doric style.
Window near the ceiling with stained glss on the window. Unfoetunately no record of t
he foto of the original in presently in existence
The Top of the main entrance with trianngular ceiling in Doric style with top ornamen in the middle an on each side of the triangle.

Heavy iron grill on the window is still the original
Additional decorative ornament from cement which was added to the building at a later time

A Night View of the Main Entrance